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Visit our new home at to Re-register your account

NOTE: Any email sent from the old aemail4u platform MAY not be delivered
and you will not be able to get any reply unless you have re-registered

If you are an existing aemail4u user who wish to retain their account, then you will have to re-register at with your old email id in order to retain your account. Anyone can register for a FREE
@aemail4u or email account but any registration of a protected @aemail4u
account will be suspended/reverted. If you wish to know if an account is protected, please email

Protected Accounts

Protected accounts belong to all members who have confirmed to us within the last 7 months that they wish to
retain their old user ids. Protected accounts are prevented from third party registration for a period of 6 months untill 31st of
May 2016 when all un-registered protected accounts will be available to the public.

While you will not be able to send or receive messages through the old system, your contacts
and old messages MIGHT still be available for you to check in the old system but we do not
know for how long since we do not have any control over that.
To check your old email, please Click here for old system

How to contact us:
To contact us please send your email to admin [@]
Social media
To contact us on Facebook, just follow us here then send us your message.
We will try as much as possible to respond to all your messages within 24hours and sometimes within an hour.

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