Welcome to Aemail4u.com

One of the many free email account providers online, aEmail4u.com offers 1 GB of storage, a personal calendar, an address book, virus and spam protection, as well as an Outlook-style user interface. Along with the free email, aEmail4u also offers Mail Plus Total Protection for $36.95 per year and Mail Plus Premium Protection for $49.95 a year. Folks can sign up for the free aEmail4u account or either of the paid accounts directly on aEmail4u.com. All email accounts include email addresses with a username followed by @ aemail4u.com.

Signing up for email through aEmail4u requires users to provide their first and last name, mailing address, an alternative email address (which is optional and only used for service notifications and mailbox expiration reminders), and a date of birth. Other optional information users may decide to provide during the aEmail4u signup process includes a phone number, fax number, gender, primary language, household income, occupation, and industry. Registration for aEmail4u also requires users to enter a captcha. By clicking the “continue” button after the captcha, users are indicating that they agree to the privacy policy from aEmail4u.com, as well as their end-user services agreement (both of which may be read by clicking on the links provided on the registration page).

The Mail Plus Total Protection package from aEmail4u includes 2 GB of storage, an advertisement free interface, mobile access, email forwarding and auto-response, email-based tech support, and a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. The Mail Plus Premium Protection package includes 5 GB of storage rather than the 1 GB allowed for free accounts and the 2 GB allowed with the Total Protection package. According to aEmail4u.com, other features of the Mail Plus Premium Protection package are similar to the Mail Plus Total Protection option.